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Friday, 15 July 2011

Roysta - Unreleased 2006-2011

Download: Roysta - Unreleased 2006-2011
Released: Jul 2011
Genre: Rap/Electro/Punk
Description: A collection of unreleased songs and collaborations between the albums 'Thundercock' and 'Huurmaster'.

01. We Are Psycho (Feat. The Dirtcore Death Squad)
02. Rectal Hystarectomy
03. Wine Wine Wine
04. You Disgust Me
05. Dog Shit (Feat. The Bangtail Cat)
06. Burn Down The Church
07. The Stench
08. Belfast Fug
09. Exhalted Potentate
10. Hanging ’Round Schools
11. Coat Hanger Blues (Feat. The Bangtail Cat)
12. The Bukkake Christ
13. Belfast Belongs To Me
14. Dear Iris
15. Sessjuice And Sawdust ( Feat. The Bangtail Cat & Kano)
16. Sniffin’ Glue
17. The King Of Rock ‘n’ Roll
18. Born Again Scumbags (Feat. The Bangtail Cat)