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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Roysta - Huurmaster

Download: Roysta - Huurmaster
Released: Aug 2011
Genre: Rap/Punk/Electro
Description: I consider this more of a mixtape than a CD, due to the liberties I took with sampling songs for it. A mixture of rap, hip hop, electro, punk, ska, dubstep,….

01. Do You Wanna Get Wasted
02. Cross Dressers Of The World Unite
03. Walking Heart Attack
04. Dirty Old Punk
05. Milked
06. Buckfast Ruined My Life
07. On The Wagon
08. You’re A Melter
09. Teenage Fuck Up
10. Beware The Jeggies
11. Dracula-La-La
12. Puke It Up
13. All Tore Up
14. Leeroy Brown
15. Apply The Leeches

Fresh Meat - The Stunning Self Destruction

Download: Fresh Meat - The Stunning Self Destruction
Released: Aug 2011
Genre: Punk
Description: The second EP. We actually manage to write a song longer than a minute and a half. Heavier, filthier and more likely to cause a nose bleed than before.

01. The Stunning Self Destruction
02. Defilement Of The Faecal God
03. Jesus - The Porno
04. Don’t Feed The Rats
05. Youth Butchery And Other Gender Issues

Fresh Meat - Boys

Download: Fresh Meat - Boys
Released: Apr 2011
Genre: Punk
Description: The first EP. Hardcore punk with a drum machine cranked as fast as it’ll go and bizarre homoerotic lyrics. Includes a cover The Misfits song ‘We Bite’ and the Limp Wrist song ‘I Love Hardcore Boys’.

01. Flaccid And Miserable
02. Hot Piss On The Back Of My Throat
03. The Most Well Dressed Tongue In Town
04. Lethargic Nihilism
05. When Circumstances Require Blood
06. We Bite (Misfits)
07. I Love Hardcore Boys (Limp Wrist)

Friday, 15 July 2011

Roysta - Unreleased 2006-2011

Download: Roysta - Unreleased 2006-2011
Released: Jul 2011
Genre: Rap/Electro/Punk
Description: A collection of unreleased songs and collaborations between the albums 'Thundercock' and 'Huurmaster'.

01. We Are Psycho (Feat. The Dirtcore Death Squad)
02. Rectal Hystarectomy
03. Wine Wine Wine
04. You Disgust Me
05. Dog Shit (Feat. The Bangtail Cat)
06. Burn Down The Church
07. The Stench
08. Belfast Fug
09. Exhalted Potentate
10. Hanging ’Round Schools
11. Coat Hanger Blues (Feat. The Bangtail Cat)
12. The Bukkake Christ
13. Belfast Belongs To Me
14. Dear Iris
15. Sessjuice And Sawdust ( Feat. The Bangtail Cat & Kano)
16. Sniffin’ Glue
17. The King Of Rock ‘n’ Roll
18. Born Again Scumbags (Feat. The Bangtail Cat)

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Dirtcore Podcast 002

Download: Dirtcore Podcast 002
Released: May 2011
Genre: Podcast
Description: Part 2 of the Dirtcore Podcast featuring Roysta and The Bangtail Cat playing a selection of unreleased Roysta songs and their favourite punk, hardcore, grindcore and powerviolence tunes.

01. Splinters feat. Roysta - The Christian Scurge
02. Roysta & The Dirtcore Deathsquad - Sessjuice And Sawdust
03. The Locust - Armless And Over active
04. Roysta - Dear Iris
05. Insult - Modern Fascist Rednecks
06. Roysta -The Bukkake Christ
07. Spazz - Let's Fuckin' Go!
08. Pete D & Roysta - One More Drink
09. Fag Enablerz - Half As Mad
10. Roysta - Burn Down The Church
11. Charles Bronson - Obligatory Jock Slaughter Song
12. Roysta & Beemicksee - Fucked Up Proper
13. Some Girls - The DNA Will Have It's Say
14. Roysta - Belfast Belongs To Me
15. Limp Wrist - I Love Hardcore Boys

Dirtcore Podcast 001

Download: Dirtcore Podcast 001
Released: April 2011
Genre: Podcast
Description: First in the series of Dirtcore Podcasts featuring Roysta & The Bangtail Tail Cat playing unreleased Roysta songs, a selection of their favourite tunes and talking an amazing amount of nonsense.

01. Roysta & The Bangtail Cat - Born Again Scumbags
02. Demented Are Go - I Was Born On A Busted Hymen
03. Roysta - Belfast Fug
04. The Birthday Party - Release the Bats
05. Roysta & The Bangtail Cat - Coat Hanger Blues
06. The Cramps - Muleskinner Blues
07. Roysta - Rectal Hysterectomy
08. Sex Gang Children - Sebastianne
09. Roysta & The Bangtail Cat - Dogshit
10. The Loved Ones - Everlovin’ Man
11. Hedwig And The Angry Inch - Sugar Daddy

Saturday, 21 May 2011

Crookz - Enter The Dirty Dick Chambers

Download: Crookz - Enter The Dirty Dick Chambers
Released: January 2002
Genre: Electro
Description: I started this project because I could never find any electronic/house music that really suited my tastes which were punk and hip hop influenced, heavily sample based and ear achingly noisy, so I made this. All the tracks are mixed so they flow together and it clocks in about 30.00 mins.

01. Devotchkas Night Out
02. Electro Convulsive Headfuck
03. Sawn off Shotgun Blast
04. Jesus Is Dead
05. Human Pony Girl
06. Kill Your Parents
07. The Dogs, The Filth, The Shit
08. supernatural Speed Kicks
09. Sniffin, Glue, Whorshippin' Satan
10. The Money Shot
11. Crackhuurs Roll Deep
12. Jazzmags In The Hedgerow

Friday, 6 May 2011

The Bangtail Cat - Entire Dirtcore Recordings (2003-2009)

Download: The Bangtail Cat - Entire Dirtcore Recordings (2003-2009)
Released: May 2010
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Description: Over the years The Bangtail Cat amassed quite a collection of Dirtcore produced depravity. This collection would have been twice as big if I'd included the collaborations he'd featured on, but these can be found on my other albums, so here are all his solo tracks I've made the beats for and produced.

1. Ass Assassin
2. Shitheads Anon
3. Taxi For Shithead
4. Freakin’ Like Spastikks
5. Ginger Jesus (Original)
6. Gimpin’ Aint Easy
7. Rinky Dink Rappers (Original)
8. Hooked Hand Fistfuck
9. Ginger Jesus
10. Music To Mutate To/You’re Trippin’
11. Shit Wired Tight
12. Thievin’ Aint A Crime
13. Sick, Slick And Highly Sexed
14. Get Down With Deathsquad
15. You’re Gonna Die Know

Beerface - My Beautiful Hell

Download: Beerface - My Beautiful Hell
Released: Dec 2006
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Description: Without a doubt the most bizarre and greatest album I've ever had the misfortune to work on. I done all the beats, artwork, production and a few verses on this. I think this only took a few weeks to write, record and release, utterly absurd lyrics from the creature they call Beerface.

1. Titty Nip Nipple
2. My Life’s A Plague
3. He Likes The Boys
4. The Bangtail Beerface
5. Tapeworm
6. So Pretty
7. Get Off the Dole
8. Fishy Soup
9. I’m Only Here For The Beer(face)
10. Vacuum Packed Ballbag

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Roysta - For Serial Killers And The Sexually Insane

Download: Roysta - For Serial Killers And the Sexually Insane
Released: Oct 2010
Genre: Rap/Electro
Description: This is a heavily electro influenced EP. It was meant to have the theme of serial killers and sexual insanity running through each song but I got bored and only kept that up for 4 of them The last three songs are covers of Lightning Bolt, The Cramps and The Trashmen.

1. Albert Fish
2. Gender Terrorist
3. Prison Life
4. Love You Dead
5. Eat The Evidence
6. Where’s My Wine (Feat. Erin Kelly)
7. Roysta Can’t Rap
8. Love Me
9. Raped By A Burglar

Monday, 18 April 2011

Roysta - Unreleased 2004-2006

Download: Roysta - Unreleased 2004-2006
Released: Jan 2007
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Description: A collection of unreleased songs and collaborations between the albums 'Ok, The Jokes Over' and 'Mankind Gives Me Castration Anxiety'.

1. Alt Sex Fetish Robots
2. Ass Raped By Alan (Feat. Dirtcore Death Squad)
3. Black Sunshine
4. Brenda Ate Her Baby
5. Burn Yer Club Down (Original Version)
6. Carmelita
7. From Beer To Maternity
8. Fucked On Fungal Leafs
9. Grab My Bully Beard
10. Hot Like Herpes
11. Hot Like Herpes (Original Version)
12. I Wanna Be A Prole
13. I Write No Wrongs (Feat. The Shoy Shoy Boy)
14. Judas S (Original Version)
15. Monkey God
16. Octopus Arms
17. Sex Furniture
18. Spit Bucket (Feat. Nik Muzka)
19. The Invisible Man
20. The Queen Of The Scene
21. Who Cares
22. You Look Like A Tramp

Roysta - Unreleased 2002-2004

Download: Roysta - Unreleased 2002-2004
Released: Jan 2005
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Description: A collection of unreleased songs and collaborations between the albums 'There's A Party In Your Mouth And I'm Cumming' and 'Dirtcore Deluxxxe'.

1. A-Team Intro (Feat. Shunty)
2. Billy Goat Gruff
3. Drunk Freestyle
4. Open wide (Feat. Carlon Stardom)
5. Wu Tang Style
6. Suck me (Remix)
7. Fake Fucks
8. The Squad
9. We Are The Cuntz (Feat. Shunty)
10. Panties Up
11. Hit The Hypo
12. In Your House
13. Fuck The Bling (Demo)
14. Paralytic Freestyle
15. Spide Killas (Feat. Bali)
16. Roystarama
17. Fuzzbox Boogie
18. Kelpo (Remix)
19. R.o.y.s.t.a.
20. Billy Goat Gruff (Feat. Jee4ce)
21. Tipsy Freestyle
22. Reading A Muff Book