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Monday, 18 April 2011

Roysta - Unreleased 2002-2004

Download: Roysta - Unreleased 2002-2004
Released: Jan 2005
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Description: A collection of unreleased songs and collaborations between the albums 'There's A Party In Your Mouth And I'm Cumming' and 'Dirtcore Deluxxxe'.

1. A-Team Intro (Feat. Shunty)
2. Billy Goat Gruff
3. Drunk Freestyle
4. Open wide (Feat. Carlon Stardom)
5. Wu Tang Style
6. Suck me (Remix)
7. Fake Fucks
8. The Squad
9. We Are The Cuntz (Feat. Shunty)
10. Panties Up
11. Hit The Hypo
12. In Your House
13. Fuck The Bling (Demo)
14. Paralytic Freestyle
15. Spide Killas (Feat. Bali)
16. Roystarama
17. Fuzzbox Boogie
18. Kelpo (Remix)
19. R.o.y.s.t.a.
20. Billy Goat Gruff (Feat. Jee4ce)
21. Tipsy Freestyle
22. Reading A Muff Book

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