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Monday, 7 December 2009

Splatter House Mafia - Bring Out The Box Cutter

Download: Splatter House Mafia - Bring Out The Box Cutter
Released: Sep 2004
Genre: Punk/Hardcore
Description: This is a punk/hardcore project that I started with the idea of making it into a long term band, but didn't. Written and recorded in month, I play all the instruments but funnily forget to tune them up properly.

1. Time For Some Splatter
2. Get The Fuckin’ Noose
3. Spide Genocide
4. Inverted Crucifix
5. The Boys In Bottle Green
6. Zombified Murder
7. Pissin’ In The Mainstream
8. Get Fucked Up
9. The Bucky Made Me Do It
10. Bomb the Bureau
11. Eat It Up
12. Straight Outta The Abortion Bucket
13. Lowlife Supreme
14. Signed In Shit
15. Bring out The Box Cutter

Destroy Droids Attack - Plague Of Filthy Christians

Download: Destroy Droids Attack - Plague Of Filthy Christians
Released: Aug 2005
Genre: Grindcore/Drum n Bass
Description: This is quite possibly the noisiest project I've ever done. Drum n bass beats, sampled death metal guitars and vocals which left me croaking and nearly mute for a few weeks after.

1. Destroy Droids Attack
2. Booty Dancing Corpse Girl
3. Scumbag Moonstomp
4. What A Generic Way To Die
5. Diet Of MTV And E
6. Brass Knuckle Beatdown
7. Nosebleed Gonzo Porn
8. Entrails Of A Thousand Indie Bands
9. Granny Was A Piss Drinker
10. Chaos Monkey Division

Mondo Karnae - Total Fuckin’ Mondo

Download: Mondo Karnae - Total Fuckin’ Mondo
Released: Mar 2007
Genre: Punk/Rock
Description: One of my favourite side project I done. I played the drums on an electronic drum kit while singing and laid down the bass over them, plus some noisy keys on a K-Station. Another project I meant to take further but alas procrastination won again.

1. Blood
2. Snuff
3. Krug
4. Dead
5. Piss
6. Kiss

Missing Presumed Sex Changed - Skatanica

Download: Missing Presumed Sex Changed - Skatanica
Released: Feb 2005
Genre: Punk/Ska
Description: This was a sort of Ska/Punk/Hardcore project with keyboards. Wrecked my voice again doing the screaming vocals, took me a while to learn not to scream from my throat.

1. Intro
2. Missing Presumed Sex Changed
3. Schoolgirl Suicide Pact
4. Face Transplant Gone Wrong
5. Knuckles Fulla Teeth
6. Blood Stained Bed
7. Graff Up The Pig Wagon
8. Four Weeks Dead

Dance Hall Death Squad - Skank Or Die

Download: Dance Hall Death Squad - Skank Or Die
Released: Jul 2005
Genre: Rap/Dancehall
Description: A side project featuring Joe D from legendary Belfast punk band Mr Nipples on bass and guitar, me on vocals and doing the beats. Will be doing more of this in the future.

1. Hey Pig
2. Kill The General Public
3. Yer Ma Don’t Like It
4. Ready To Ruck

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Roysta - Dirtcore Death Squad - Is It Just Me....

Download: Roysta - Dirtcore Death Squad - Is It Just Me....
Released: Sept 2004
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Description: Massive mix CD featuring everyone in The Dirtcore Deathsquad: Roysta, The Bangtail Cat, The Dirty Camel, Big Bali Hali, Beerface, Evil Ai Chi, Bobby Dolow.

1. The Nightmare Continues
2. Brains On The Floor
3. The Most Handsome Man In Rap
4. Cunt Of My Boot
5. Dinner Is Served
6. Hey Pig
7. Freakin' Like Spastics
8. The Champ
9. Romper Stomp Yer Skull
10. Corpse Grindin' Suicidal Nun Fuckers
11. Guts Up
12. Scumbeg Showdown
13. Deathrow Disco
14. Heard It Thru The Mave Meister
15. Thevin' Aint A Crime
16. Ass Spankin' Ghetto Grindin'
17. Graveravers Anthem
18. How To Make A Bad Situation Worse

Roysta - 3-Way Face Fuck

Download: Roysta - 3-Way Face Fuck
Released: Nov 2003
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Description: Three way split CD featuring Roysta, Carlon Stardom and Droctor Dunkerd, plus a few bonus tracks at the end.

1. Dirty Roy (Roysta)
2. What The fuck You Gonna Do (Roysta)
3. Fuck That (Roysta)
4. Southside Dirtbag (Roysta)
5. The Weeping Jappie (Carlon Stardom)
6. Double Entry (Carlon Stardom)
7. Sealed With A Piss (Carlon Stardom)
8. Do Ya Little Dance (Carlon Stardom)
9. Sick, Slick And Highly Sexed (Droctor Dunkerd)
10. Get Down Wit Death Squad (Droctor Dunkerd)
11. Shit Wired Tight (Droctor Dunkerd)
12. Gimpin' Aint Easy (Droctor Dunkerd)
13. Beatbox - (White Noise)
14. Death By Technics (Roysta)
15. S.L.C. - (Big Bali Hali)
16. 3 Bitches No Glory - (The Dirty Camel)
17. Verbal Vandals (Roysta)

Roysta - Mankind Gives Me Castration Anxiety

Download: Roysta - Mankind Gives Me Castration Anxiety
Released: Dec 2006
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Description: This was my last release before my 2nd retirement. Pretty different to anything that I'd done before in terms of lyrics and beats.

1. Intro
2. The Beautifuil Elephant Man
3. Acoustic Kitty
4. Handicap Catwalk
5. Cock Opera
6. I Woke Up With A Hard-On (In My Mouth)
7. (Ode To My) Bleeding Anus Beauty
8. Two Big Horns
9. Curiosity Killed The Nosy Cunt
10. Lady Radiater
11. The Judus Cow
12. I Wanna Hold Your Head (Underwater)

Roysta - Santa's Fuckin' Dead

Download: Roysta - Santa's Fuckin' Dead
Released: Dec 2003
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Description: This was a xmas single in 2003, probably one of the most filthy xmas songs this side of GG Allin yuletide single. Every song title also contains the word 'fuck', I found this highly amusing at the time.

1. Santa's Fuckin Dead
2. If We Fuckin'
3. Badass Zombie Fucks
4. Who The Fuck Are You

Roysta - Snuff Movie Superstar

Download:Roysta - Snuff Movie Superstar
Released: May 2005
Genre: Rap/Drum n Bass
Description: Another departure from my original Roysta sound. This time mixing in some drum n bass and breakbeat. My first and only time using hardware to make the beats also.

1. Snuff Movie Superstar
2. Rotting Corpse Of Hip Hop
3. Judas S
4. Magpies And Broken Mirrors
5. Two Weeks Ta Live
6. Daisychain

Roysta & Jee4ce - Straight Belfast Spittin'

Download: Roysta & Jee4ce - Straight Belfast Spittin'
Released: July 2003
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Description: A split CD with me and Jee4ce, four tracks each.

1. Suck Me
2. Kelpto
3. A Dick, A Smick And A Dirtbag
4. Yer Ma
5. Come Get It (Jee4ce)
6. Open Your Eyes (Jee4ce)
7. Celtic Connection (Jee4ce)
8. Broken Emotions (Jee4ce)

Roysta - Dirtcore Deluxxxe

Download: Roysta - Dirtcore Deluxxxe
Released: Jun 2003
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Description: The first release that I got known for. I done two CD's before this but this was the first time I started to reference Belfastism and such in my lyrics. Before this it was just straight up dirt.

3.Def Jam Is Satan
5.Born To Lose
6.Bedlam In Bethleham
7.Sic Sic Rhymes
8.Intestinal Scratch
9.Fuck You

Roysta - Ok, the Joke's Over

Download: Roysta - Ok, The Joke's Over
Released: May 2004
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Description: Widely known as my 2nd release, actually my fourth. I recorded this with a broken leg and managed to stay drunk for the few months that it took.

1. Burn Yer Club Down
2. Millie Pimp
3. The Monks Finest
4. Rinky Dink Rappers
5. Issues And Tissues
6. Eatafuckindick
7. Hallion Batalion
8. Yer Ma
9. The Dirtcore Daddy
10. C.U.N.T.
11. Not The Dope Mawn
12. Fuck The Bling Bling
13. Sinner Like Me
14. Swank Fuckin' Stanks
15. Face Crusher Supreme

Roysta - Flower Of Flesh And Blood

Download: Roysta - Flower Of Flesh And Blood
Released: Jan 2006
Genre: Rap/Mash-up
Description: This is the first release when I stopped trying to be flat out offensive and done something different lyrically. Also started bringing in more varied beats and furthering myself from hip hop beats.

1. Goat Of Mendez
2. Sober Eyes
3. My Bedlam
4. Destroy Your Scene
5. The Domino Effect
6. Public Urination
7. Kissmaself
8. I Am Messiah
9. Bukowski
10. Worship Satan

Roysta - ThunderCock

Download: Roysta - Thundercock
Released: Jan 2009
Genre: Rap/Mash-up
Description: This was my come back CD after retiring. Wrote the majority of it while party and staying as wasted as possible for as long as possible when I should really be old enough to know better. Tried to mix in as much genres of music as I could and make it as noisy and offensive as humanly possible.

1. Theme From ThunderCock
2. The Venereal Olympics
3. Shake Babies Not Ass
4. All The Kids Are Into K
5. The Rats Want Their Sewers Back
6. Diary Of A Narcisist
7. Confessions Of A Fader
8. The Fine Art Of Self Abuse
9. A Creeping Horror
10. The Scum Chronicals