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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Roysta - 3-Way Face Fuck

Download: Roysta - 3-Way Face Fuck
Released: Nov 2003
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Description: Three way split CD featuring Roysta, Carlon Stardom and Droctor Dunkerd, plus a few bonus tracks at the end.

1. Dirty Roy (Roysta)
2. What The fuck You Gonna Do (Roysta)
3. Fuck That (Roysta)
4. Southside Dirtbag (Roysta)
5. The Weeping Jappie (Carlon Stardom)
6. Double Entry (Carlon Stardom)
7. Sealed With A Piss (Carlon Stardom)
8. Do Ya Little Dance (Carlon Stardom)
9. Sick, Slick And Highly Sexed (Droctor Dunkerd)
10. Get Down Wit Death Squad (Droctor Dunkerd)
11. Shit Wired Tight (Droctor Dunkerd)
12. Gimpin' Aint Easy (Droctor Dunkerd)
13. Beatbox - (White Noise)
14. Death By Technics (Roysta)
15. S.L.C. - (Big Bali Hali)
16. 3 Bitches No Glory - (The Dirty Camel)
17. Verbal Vandals (Roysta)

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