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Monday, 7 December 2009

Destroy Droids Attack - Plague Of Filthy Christians

Download: Destroy Droids Attack - Plague Of Filthy Christians
Released: Aug 2005
Genre: Grindcore/Drum n Bass
Description: This is quite possibly the noisiest project I've ever done. Drum n bass beats, sampled death metal guitars and vocals which left me croaking and nearly mute for a few weeks after.

1. Destroy Droids Attack
2. Booty Dancing Corpse Girl
3. Scumbag Moonstomp
4. What A Generic Way To Die
5. Diet Of MTV And E
6. Brass Knuckle Beatdown
7. Nosebleed Gonzo Porn
8. Entrails Of A Thousand Indie Bands
9. Granny Was A Piss Drinker
10. Chaos Monkey Division

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