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Thursday, 25 August 2011

Roysta - Huurmaster

Download: Roysta - Huurmaster
Released: Aug 2011
Genre: Rap/Punk/Electro
Description: I consider this more of a mixtape than a CD, due to the liberties I took with sampling songs for it. A mixture of rap, hip hop, electro, punk, ska, dubstep,….

01. Do You Wanna Get Wasted
02. Cross Dressers Of The World Unite
03. Walking Heart Attack
04. Dirty Old Punk
05. Milked
06. Buckfast Ruined My Life
07. On The Wagon
08. You’re A Melter
09. Teenage Fuck Up
10. Beware The Jeggies
11. Dracula-La-La
12. Puke It Up
13. All Tore Up
14. Leeroy Brown
15. Apply The Leeches

Fresh Meat - The Stunning Self Destruction

Download: Fresh Meat - The Stunning Self Destruction
Released: Aug 2011
Genre: Punk
Description: The second EP. We actually manage to write a song longer than a minute and a half. Heavier, filthier and more likely to cause a nose bleed than before.

01. The Stunning Self Destruction
02. Defilement Of The Faecal God
03. Jesus - The Porno
04. Don’t Feed The Rats
05. Youth Butchery And Other Gender Issues

Fresh Meat - Boys

Download: Fresh Meat - Boys
Released: Apr 2011
Genre: Punk
Description: The first EP. Hardcore punk with a drum machine cranked as fast as it’ll go and bizarre homoerotic lyrics. Includes a cover The Misfits song ‘We Bite’ and the Limp Wrist song ‘I Love Hardcore Boys’.

01. Flaccid And Miserable
02. Hot Piss On The Back Of My Throat
03. The Most Well Dressed Tongue In Town
04. Lethargic Nihilism
05. When Circumstances Require Blood
06. We Bite (Misfits)
07. I Love Hardcore Boys (Limp Wrist)