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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Roysta - Dirtcore Death Squad - Is It Just Me....

Download: Roysta - Dirtcore Death Squad - Is It Just Me....
Released: Sept 2004
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Description: Massive mix CD featuring everyone in The Dirtcore Deathsquad: Roysta, The Bangtail Cat, The Dirty Camel, Big Bali Hali, Beerface, Evil Ai Chi, Bobby Dolow.

1. The Nightmare Continues
2. Brains On The Floor
3. The Most Handsome Man In Rap
4. Cunt Of My Boot
5. Dinner Is Served
6. Hey Pig
7. Freakin' Like Spastics
8. The Champ
9. Romper Stomp Yer Skull
10. Corpse Grindin' Suicidal Nun Fuckers
11. Guts Up
12. Scumbeg Showdown
13. Deathrow Disco
14. Heard It Thru The Mave Meister
15. Thevin' Aint A Crime
16. Ass Spankin' Ghetto Grindin'
17. Graveravers Anthem
18. How To Make A Bad Situation Worse

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