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Monday, 7 December 2009

Splatter House Mafia - Bring Out The Box Cutter

Download: Splatter House Mafia - Bring Out The Box Cutter
Released: Sep 2004
Genre: Punk/Hardcore
Description: This is a punk/hardcore project that I started with the idea of making it into a long term band, but didn't. Written and recorded in month, I play all the instruments but funnily forget to tune them up properly.

1. Time For Some Splatter
2. Get The Fuckin’ Noose
3. Spide Genocide
4. Inverted Crucifix
5. The Boys In Bottle Green
6. Zombified Murder
7. Pissin’ In The Mainstream
8. Get Fucked Up
9. The Bucky Made Me Do It
10. Bomb the Bureau
11. Eat It Up
12. Straight Outta The Abortion Bucket
13. Lowlife Supreme
14. Signed In Shit
15. Bring out The Box Cutter

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