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Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Roysta - ThunderCock

Download: Roysta - Thundercock
Released: Jan 2009
Genre: Rap/Mash-up
Description: This was my come back CD after retiring. Wrote the majority of it while party and staying as wasted as possible for as long as possible when I should really be old enough to know better. Tried to mix in as much genres of music as I could and make it as noisy and offensive as humanly possible.

1. Theme From ThunderCock
2. The Venereal Olympics
3. Shake Babies Not Ass
4. All The Kids Are Into K
5. The Rats Want Their Sewers Back
6. Diary Of A Narcisist
7. Confessions Of A Fader
8. The Fine Art Of Self Abuse
9. A Creeping Horror
10. The Scum Chronicals

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