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Monday, 18 April 2011

Roysta - Unreleased 2004-2006

Download: Roysta - Unreleased 2004-2006
Released: Jan 2007
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Description: A collection of unreleased songs and collaborations between the albums 'Ok, The Jokes Over' and 'Mankind Gives Me Castration Anxiety'.

1. Alt Sex Fetish Robots
2. Ass Raped By Alan (Feat. Dirtcore Death Squad)
3. Black Sunshine
4. Brenda Ate Her Baby
5. Burn Yer Club Down (Original Version)
6. Carmelita
7. From Beer To Maternity
8. Fucked On Fungal Leafs
9. Grab My Bully Beard
10. Hot Like Herpes
11. Hot Like Herpes (Original Version)
12. I Wanna Be A Prole
13. I Write No Wrongs (Feat. The Shoy Shoy Boy)
14. Judas S (Original Version)
15. Monkey God
16. Octopus Arms
17. Sex Furniture
18. Spit Bucket (Feat. Nik Muzka)
19. The Invisible Man
20. The Queen Of The Scene
21. Who Cares
22. You Look Like A Tramp

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