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Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Roysta - For Serial Killers And The Sexually Insane

Download: Roysta - For Serial Killers And the Sexually Insane
Released: Oct 2010
Genre: Rap/Electro
Description: This is a heavily electro influenced EP. It was meant to have the theme of serial killers and sexual insanity running through each song but I got bored and only kept that up for 4 of them The last three songs are covers of Lightning Bolt, The Cramps and The Trashmen.

1. Albert Fish
2. Gender Terrorist
3. Prison Life
4. Love You Dead
5. Eat The Evidence
6. Where’s My Wine (Feat. Erin Kelly)
7. Roysta Can’t Rap
8. Love Me
9. Raped By A Burglar

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