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Saturday, 21 May 2011

Crookz - Enter The Dirty Dick Chambers

Download: Crookz - Enter The Dirty Dick Chambers
Released: January 2002
Genre: Electro
Description: I started this project because I could never find any electronic/house music that really suited my tastes which were punk and hip hop influenced, heavily sample based and ear achingly noisy, so I made this. All the tracks are mixed so they flow together and it clocks in about 30.00 mins.

01. Devotchkas Night Out
02. Electro Convulsive Headfuck
03. Sawn off Shotgun Blast
04. Jesus Is Dead
05. Human Pony Girl
06. Kill Your Parents
07. The Dogs, The Filth, The Shit
08. supernatural Speed Kicks
09. Sniffin, Glue, Whorshippin' Satan
10. The Money Shot
11. Crackhuurs Roll Deep
12. Jazzmags In The Hedgerow

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