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Friday, 6 May 2011

The Bangtail Cat - Entire Dirtcore Recordings (2003-2009)

Download: The Bangtail Cat - Entire Dirtcore Recordings (2003-2009)
Released: May 2010
Genre: Rap/Hip Hop
Description: Over the years The Bangtail Cat amassed quite a collection of Dirtcore produced depravity. This collection would have been twice as big if I'd included the collaborations he'd featured on, but these can be found on my other albums, so here are all his solo tracks I've made the beats for and produced.

1. Ass Assassin
2. Shitheads Anon
3. Taxi For Shithead
4. Freakin’ Like Spastikks
5. Ginger Jesus (Original)
6. Gimpin’ Aint Easy
7. Rinky Dink Rappers (Original)
8. Hooked Hand Fistfuck
9. Ginger Jesus
10. Music To Mutate To/You’re Trippin’
11. Shit Wired Tight
12. Thievin’ Aint A Crime
13. Sick, Slick And Highly Sexed
14. Get Down With Deathsquad
15. You’re Gonna Die Know

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